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How many surahs are in the Holy Qur’an?

There are 114 surahs in the entire Holy Qur’an.

Global Deaf Muslim is launching a new fundraising drive to raise money to finance the cost of translating Qur’an into American Sign Language (ASL) for Deaf Muslims. There are thousands of Deaf Muslims who are in need of understanding Islam in their native language of ASL. 

Be a part of the 114 Club, a club of donors who sponsor the main project of translating the Qur’an into ASL. This club will help GDM sustain the Qur’an in ASL project as an on-going basis. To create an ongoing sustainable commitment toward the Qu’ran in ASL project without an interruption, monthly donation to the project is established. GDM does not want to pause the project in the middle due to insufficient funds. 

 As an exmaple, a 12 months donation of $114 will generate $1368 per year before Paypal fees toward the Qu’ran in ASL Project.

Once the Qur’an in ASL project is completed, the videos will be viewed by millions of Deaf Muslims for generations to come. The impact of the project will be ever-lasting and big opportunity for Deaf Muslims to finally understand Islam. Help us make this possible by joining the 114 Club!

To learn more about Qu’ran in ASL project, please go HERE

Paypal will keep 2.5% as a fee
Donation goes to Qu’ran in ASL

For any reason you wish to stop donating into 114 Campaign for the Holy Qu’ran translation or if there is any problem with the monthly donation, you can send an email to donation @ globaldeafmuslim.org