Surah 102 & 103 in ASL released!

Holy Qu’ran Surah 102 and 103 in ASL! These are 2 of most recent finalized videos for Qur’an in ASL Project. There are 114 surahs. 112 surahs left to translate into ASL! 5 surahs are in production stage now. Keep eyes open for new update.

This video is made possible by donors like you. The donations to Qur’an in ASL cover the expenses of deaf signers, scholars, and interpreters who work together to make Quran to be understandable in ASL. The donations also cover the cost of video equipment and video production. The expenses of office and administration are covered by the donations as well.

Please continue to support Qu’ran in ASL by several ways. You can learn how to donate HERE

Links to videos:

Surah 102
Surah 103