List of Activities and Accomplishments Organized by National Office
 Global Deaf Muslim Community and Literacy Integration (GDMCLI) established in 2005 by a team of college students in Rochester, New York
 Hosted the very first GDM event at the masjid in Rochester, New York

 Hosted Deaf Muslim Dinner in Rochester, New York
 Hosted the first Eid party for Deaf Muslims In Rochester, New York
 Attended MSA East Conference along with interpreting services in Orlando, FL

 Founders focused on finishing their degrees and studies before resuming the works for GDM


 Attended MSA East Conference in New Jersey with a group of Deaf Muslims
 Hosted a party to celebrate Eid at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.
 Hosted a Silent Islam workshop at Los Angeles, CA
 Attended ISNA convention in Columbus, Ohio

 Hosted The World of Deaf Muslims Conference at Georgetown University
 Hosted Eid party at Gallaudet University
 Attended ISNA convention in Washington D.C.

 Hosted Scholarship, Family and Deaf in Islam Conference at Georgetown University
 Officially recognized by IRS as a 501c(3) organization
 Formally changed its name from GDMCLI to GDM (Global Deaf Muslim)
 Hosted 2010 ASL Fundraising Dinner in Herndon, VA
 Attended ICNA Convention in Connecticut
 Hosted Picnic for the Deaf in Washington D.C.
 Attended ISNA convention in Chicago, Illinois
 Visited Islamic Center of New York
 Attended MAS Conference in Chicago, Illinois
 Provided Islamic Classes in Northern Virginia for the Deaf

 Hosted An Interfaith and Religious Narrative on the Inside Story of Deaf Culture Conference at Georgetown University
 Attended RIS, ICNA, and ISNA Conventions
 Hosted Eid party in Herndon, VA
 Established First Domestic Chapter in Twin Cities, MN
 Hosted the first ever Iftar dinner for Deaf Muslims in Falls Church, VA

 Hosted Deaf Muslim Family Conference in Herndon, VA
 Established National Headquarters Office in Falls Church, VA
 Established First International Chapter, known as Muslim Deaf Development (MDD), in Tamale, Ghana
 Hosted American Sign Language sessions at a local masjid in Virginia
 Established California Chapter
 Attended ISNA and RIS conventions
 Attended United Against Poverty in Stanford CT
 Released Al-Fatiha demonstration video
 Hosted social events, Iftar dinners, and Eid party in Northern Virginia

 Welcomed Deaf Qatari President in Washington D.C.
 Hosted a 10 days Umrah and provided a Sign Language interpreter
 Teamed with Qatar The Qatari Center Of Social Cultural For The Deaf to host International Deaf Muslim Conference in Doha, Qatar
 Hosted Iftar dinners and Eid party in Northern Virginia
 Hosted the first Picnic for Deaf Muslims and Established Canada-Toronto chapter in Toronto, Canada
 Hosted numerous MDD activities in Tamale, Ghana

 Attended ICNA and ISNA conventions
 Translated 14 Surahs into ASL
 Hosted Iftar Dinners and Eid party in Northern Virginia and Tamale, Ghana