Monthly Donation

Instead of making a large donation at once that may not be feasible for someone, several small donations over time would be more economical and easier. Donors can support Global Deaf Muslim month to month indefinitely or for a specific length. This method enables the donors to be a long term support of GDM in a way that is cost-effective.

Global Deaf Muslim uses Paypal to handle monthly collection. The donor will determine the amount to give each month and for how long.

For any reason a monthly donor wants to cancel, or change the length of giving, or revise the amount to give each month, please send an email to donation @ globaldeafmuslim .org .

GDM accept donations in many currencies. Please pick a currency you want to donate with. More currencies will be added over time according to the demand.

USA Dollar Monthly Donation

Canada Dollar Monthly Donation

EU Euro Monthly Donation

UK Pound Monthly Donation