Executive Staff
Nashiru Abdulai – President
Andaleeb Elayan – Vice President
Aelaa ElSabbahy – Programs and Admin Director
Fatima Muhammad – Marketing and Social Media Director
Charles Sterling – Director of Development and Chapter Supervisor

GDM Staff
Mimi Jaber – Sponsorship Coordinator

Board of Directors
Dr. Shazia Siddiqi – Member

Quran in ASL Team
Zoh Qureshi – Team Leader and Deaf Signer
Dr Daoud Nassimi – Scholar
Maher Eshgi – Deaf Signer

GDM have many volunteers for various tasks in many places around the world. They are one of the important components of GDM. Each of them are active in their areas and are called upon by Executive Staff for actions.

Each chapter has its own officers. Please take a look at chapter’s page for more information.