Quran in ASL

Revealing the words of Allah through sign language for Deaf to understand. Read more to learn how to sponsor and progress here.

Umrah for Deaf

Enable Deaf Muslims to experience UNITY in Mekka, to learn history of Islam, and perform pilgrimage. Find out how to help and apply here.


Find and unite Deaf Muslims all over the world to bring them into Umma. Find out how to join here.
  Global Deaf Muslim is launching a page to allow people to buy tickets for upcoming May 17 fundraising at Dallas, TX! Go HERE to buy the tickets!... Read More
You can make a monthly donation
The popular donation option, give $$ monthly to GDM, is back and running. You can make a monthly donation to GDM for a fixed amount and for a specific length. Go HERE to donate monthly! Pick a currency you want.... Read More
Need donation proof?
If you donated to GDM by check or through online and you want a receipt for donation proof, you can contact us to get a receipt via email. Send an email to donation @ globaldeafmuslim . org with your full name, amount of money you donated, how did you donate, and... Read More
ASL Class at Falls Church, VA
There is a free ASL class provided at GDM main office in Falls Church, VA every Saturday. The class starts at 4pm. The class is led by a deaf ASL Instructor. Come and learn how to sign in ASL! If you are interested to attend ASL class, please go to sign... Read More
There is an Islamic Class at Falls Church, VA. The class is interpreted and is led by Imam. If you want to know more and how to join the class, go HERE... Read More
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Following The Laws of ALLAH  Sh. Shaker Elsayed 3 14 2014 - YouTube
Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque, the strong supporter of Global Deaf Muslim, provided the first ever sermon with ASL interpreter in the video on youtube! Please go HERE to see the video. Thank to the people behind the production of the video!... Read More
paypal donation button
Monthly Donation method is updated with correct codes to allow the donors to set monthly donation and have it to be started immediately. A new donation is added to allow UK residents to donate in GB Pound.... Read More
EU Deaf Muslims conference
Global Deaf Muslim sent a high level representative to attend first ever European Deaf Muslims Conference at Paris, France. The conference lasted from February 21 to 23. About 200 Deaf Muslims from UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Deutschland, Netherlands, and other nations came together to build an union. It was a... Read More
GDM is pleased to announce that Islamic Relief USA has given us grant to provide free ASL classes for everyone and ASL interpreters for Deaf Muslims who are interested in going to Islamic conferences. ASL classes will be held once a week in our Falls Church headquarters as well as... Read More
The President, Nashiru Abdulai, of the Global Deaf Muslim Organization discussed the main challenges facing the Deaf and Hard of Hearing during the interview with Al-Jarzeea at Qatar in November 2013. See video HERE... Read More
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